A downloadable alpha for Windows

Agreel, the gardener, has been tasked to cover the red earth with life. With you on your journey through space you have brought only a single trussle seed. Put it in the dry soil. Shower it with your patience. Gently rustle another seed from the fluorescent plant. If you are patient, it will sow seeds of its own without your loving touch. As time passes, more seeds will reveal themselves to you. Shower the red earth with only tenderness.

This prototype has no sound-effects, no musical score and only basic boundaries to ensure the plant-life doesn't try to explore the Great Void. If you enjoy the premise of the initial level, please let me know!
Optimised for most colour-perception difficulties. Plays with mouse only.

ReadMe file included for in-depth instructions. Thank you for playing!

Published Oct 11, 2015
Tags2D, Gardening, Real-Time, Relaxing, Space Sim
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


RedEarth.exe 1 MB
ReadMe.txt 1 kB

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